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Depression is when you have a persistent feeling of sadness and a loss of interest or pleasure. This is different from the occasional feeling of being sad or down.  Left untreated, it can be debilitating, or even worse, lead to suicide.  You are not alone.  There are approximately 350 million people worldwide who suffer from symptoms of depression.

Other signs:  guilt, low self-worth, poor appetite, low energy, poor concentration, and/or disturbed sleep. This condition affects how you think, feel, and behave.  It can lead to both emotional and physical problems.

Depression causes pain for both you and for those who care about you.

Depression Sign

At Motivations Counseling we provide support and empathy so you feel safe.  You need to be comfortable expressing your feelings and emotions.  Your therapist will be there to provide support and guidance throughout this self-exploration process.  

Treating depression...

The most used approach to treat depression is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).   We have used this therapy approach to help other clients combat their depression. Together, through CBT, we will learn how your thoughts may be affecting your behaviors.  

We believe that negative thoughts can lead to unwarranted feelings and inappropriate actions.   By focusing on your thought processes, we can identify changes to improve your life.

Why Motivations Counseling...

We provide psychotherapy and EMDR services in Sugar Land, Houston, and surrounding areas. Our goal is help you to identify the root cause of your problems to move forward with positive solutions that make your life better.  We understand the daily struggles you face and are here to help you find peace and hope.

We have experience with treating depression. At Motivations Counseling, your therapist will establish a treatment plan that is custom-made to your particular needs.   We will develop short-term and long-term goals to manage symptoms of depression, including:

  • developing healthy thinking patterns and beliefs about yourself, others, and the world,
  • building healthy interpersonal relationships, and
  • where appropriate, grieving a loss you may have experienced

Finally, the most important thing is for you to know that you can get help from the symptoms of depression.   Therapists at Motivations Counseling will help and guide you through the process.  You can lead a happy and productive life again.

Call us today for a free 15-minute consultation to see if our approach and experience are right for you.

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