Couples Counseling

Couples therapy is often referred to as marriage or couples counseling. The overall goal of this type of therapy is to improve your relationship.

Although the focus is on you and your partner, there are times when either or both of you may find that you need separate, one-on-one counseling to address specific needs. This is perfectly normal and often warranted for you to grow as a couple.

Before you can truly focus on how to be happy together, it is important to understand your own needs and wants and how your partner can help you to meet those.

Why couples therapy...

No marriage is easy. But, a healthy, thriving marriage is one in which the spouses work together to achieve common objectives in an environment that fosters mutual respect. The therapist will work with both of you to find common ground so you can resolve conflict and further develop and improve the relationship.

The therapist will help you to identify the needs you have from one another. Once those needs have been identified, it is imperative that both of you fully understand and agree together on how you will address them.

Why Motivations Counseling...

We provide couples counseling and EMDR services in Sugar Land, Houston, and surrounding areas. Our sessions are designed to improve problem solving, build communication skills, and to identify relationship goals. During sessions, the therapist helps drive respectful, thoughtful conversations between you and your partner.

Your therapist will help you to identify and resolve any conflicts that are preventing you from being happy as a couple. We understand the daily struggles you face in your relationship and are here to help you find peace and hope as you move forward together.

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